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Event Innovative Digital EXPO 2023 starts on Jul 27, 2023, 9:00:00 AM (Europe/Prague)
Can a conservative company go digital? Needs, dreams, and experiences
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Location: Prague Congress Center - 7/27/23, 2:30 PM - 7/27/23, 2:45 PM (Europe/Prague) (15 minutes)

Can a conservative company go digital? Needs, dreams, and experiences
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+420 224 490 000

Law firms are by nature a very conservative business. However, the size of large firms, the needs of
clients and, not least, the younger generation who will one day take up the baton are forcing us all to
become much more digital.

There are many reasons for lawyers to resist rapid change: not only the age of the partners who make
the decisions, the general caution of lawyers about data protection, cybersecurity, and the confidentiality
of the attorney-client relationship, but also the reluctance to invest in the future. The electronic mailbox
for lawyers, which has been working perfectly in the Czech Republic for more than 10 years and which
was introduced only a few years ago and was strongly rejected by German lawyers, can serve as such an
However, the benefits of rapid digitalization of our business and workflow are immense, and the future
promises much more. Going digital is not just about getting the right hardware and software, it is about
improving the processes within the firm. This challenge cannot be met without people with the right
mindset. Both quick wins and incremental change over years require constant motivation, not just short-
term project management, and results must be communicated and shared with the whole team.

Arthur Braun, who has been a managing partner in international and national law firms for more than 20
years, describes the experience of his law firm bpv Braun Partners which is very advanced in its digital
thinking in many respects. Big steps have saved a lot of time, sometimes small changes require the most
intensive discussions. It all comes down to the human factor.

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